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UnRipe Grape Fruits Powder (Ghooreh) گرد غوره

-20% UnRipe Grape Fruits Powder (Ghooreh) گرد غوره

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Ghooreh is the Iranian name for sour (Unripe) grapes which is a really important ingredient in Persian cuisine. The Iranian Ghooreh is cheek-suckingly and eye-wateringly sour. Due to the short season of unripe grapes (June/July), the fruits usually get processed in different ways such as making verjuice, pickling, freezing or drying and grinding.

The dry Ghooreh powder is usually made by removing the grape berries from the stalk, washing them properly, gently pat drying and spreading on a tray covered with fabric or paper towels. The berries then exposed to plenty of direct sunlight for few days till they dry out. The dried berries then ground to a fine powder using a grinder, blender or any food processor.

In Iran, Ghooreh is used as spice with a unique sharp flavor that makes stews and soups quite lovely and delicious. It is also used with marinate fish and fowl and BBQ meat. If a hint of tart is your thing, UNRIPE GRAPE POWDER could be your best friend.

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