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Herbal Teas & Infusions

Herbal Teas & Infusions
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Citrus Flowers (Orange Flowers) 50 gram

The Orange blossom is the fragrant flower of the Citrus trees). In Spain and Iran blossoms are ..

1,400Ft 1,000Ft

Damask Rose Buds 40 Gram

Rosa damascena mill L., known as Gole Mohammadi in Iran, is one of the most important species o..


Damask Rose Petals 50 Gram

Rosa × damascena, more commonly known as the Damask rose, or sometimes as the Rose of Castile, is a ..


Lemon Verbena Leaves 30 Gram

Aloysia citrodora is a species of flowering plant in the verbena family Verbenaceae, native to weste..


Peppermint Dry Leaves 50 Gram

Peppermint is a hybrid mint, a cross between watermint and spearmint. The plant, indigenous to Europ..